The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation committed to promoting liberal policy and politics.

Originating in Germany and drawing inspiration from Friedrich Naumann (March 25,1860 – August 24,1919, German politician and Protestant parish priest), the Foundation has won a reputation for promoting human dignity as the ultimate precondition of a society where people can live freely and in peace.

To create such an open society we are guided by the principles of liberalism and its message of tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

By applying its core concepts such as human rights, the rule of law, liberal democracy and a free market economy, it has been proved through the centuries that liberalism offers appropriate solutions for the present and future in public and personal life.

It is this proud tradition that we seek to expand even further through our intensive work in political education, advice, training and dialogue.

In Africa we support various projects in cooperation with partner organisations and are similarly active in over 50 countries worldwide.